UDRUŽENE, strike a pose – VOGUE!

Hand knitted sweater based on a rather complex pattern by our client Patou, the French fashion label, has attracted the attention of the most famous, valued and influential fashion magazine in the world – VOGUE! It is our honour that the sweater that was hand knitted by hard working Bosnian knitters found its place in the […]

Udružene – your favourite destination in Sarajevo!

Our association Udružene has been listed listed as a fantastic and interesting location offering visitors an insight into the magical world of handicrafts and cultural heritage, on Sarajevo.travel portal, which represents the official promotional channel of destination Sarajevo – a unique tourist destination of rich cultural, historical and natural heritage. Sarajevo.travel offers information on what […]

Michaela Buerger and Udružene – a conceptual fashion surprise for 2019.

Last week, from 11 to 15 February, 2019, designer MICHAELA BUERGER and influencer, designer and model MICHELLE ELIE-MEIRE visited Udružene. Together with our knitters and designer Nadira Škaljić, Michaela and Michelle worked on the development of a new collection for the fashion line of M. Buerger that will present the fashion world something new and […]

Udružene’s Big knitting party 2018!

To mark and celebrate another successful year, Udružene is organizing the Big knitting party for handicraft lovers. As our guests, on Friday, 23. November 2018, you will be able to meet and socialise with knitters of Udružene. Udružene will be presenting current and past collections of the association, as well as the exclusive fashion items […]

Udružene presented new brand

After six years of successful activities where UDRUŽENE engaged and educated over 500 women and knitted 100’000 garments for worldwide retail, we are ready to engage in our own adventure – our own brand, KIO Hand Knitting. KIO Hand Knitting is our common dream that grew into our joint project. We invested our passion and […]


Traditionally, Udružene has been organising a big knitting party every December, which in one place brings together everyone that love handmade knitwear and knitters that nurture handicraft. On December 1st, at the Hotel Europe’s Atrium, Udružene will prepare all day event from 11 am to 9 pm, which will include knitting workshops, competition in speed […]