Traditionally, Udružene has been organising a big knitting party every December, which in one place brings together everyone that love handmade knitwear and knitters that nurture handicraft.

On December 1st, at the Hotel Europe’s Atrium, Udružene will prepare all day event from 11 am to 9 pm, which will include knitting workshops, competition in speed knitting and knitting skills, presentation of Udružene’s collections as well as sale exhibition of exclusive fashion items from their renowned international clients from Austria, Japan, France and Norway.

Udružene’s diligent knitters have been prepared for this seasons as well warm knitwear from wool, alpaca, llama, with interesting patterns and models that will make the winter days more fun and colourful. This year’s big knitting party will be presenting models for the youngest and the home accessories well.

With the knitting party on December 1st, Udružene mark another successful year in which 250 knitters from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina produced nearly 25,000 items in accordance with the highest standards, ensuring a regular income for themselves.

Udružene invite you to join the knitting party on December 1st at Hotel Europe, and you can find more information on workshops and competitions at or by phone 033 217 390.